Sexual Fables offers an alternative history of Western arts and literature.

The Age of Consent
Adam and Eve and the Forbidden Fruit
The Judgment of Paris
How Ninon de Lenclos Cheated the Devil
Homer's Women
Why Did It take Odysseus 19 Years to Get Home from Troy?
Sacred Prostitute
Mary Magdalene: Was She or Wasn't She?
Tulip Dreaming the Virgin Mary
Theodora and the Architecture of the Divine
Orchid Women in Trousers
Pope Joan and The Rose of Versailles
How to Look at a Naked Lady
How Lady Godiva Got a Tax Break
The Woman in the Bower
A Murder at Woodstock: Fair Rosamond vs Eleanor of Aquitaine
Voices and Saints
Was Joan of Arc a Virgin?
gladiolus Angel Incarnate
Leonardo da Vinci and the Pleasure of Boys
A Tale of Two Women
Malinche as the Virgin of Guadalupe
sunflower Precious Bodily Fluids
Shakespeare's Worst Italian Plays
The Whore's Revenge
The One Time Casanova Came to Grief
Why Jane Austen Never Married
Vervain Splendour in the Grass
The Bastards of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Immortal Beloved
Beethoven's Love Letters
Vampires in Venice
George Sand vs. Alfred de Musset
White-roses The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Melville, Mormons and Moby-Dick
Life as Opera
From Lola Montez to Mata Hari
Red Poppy Oz is China
A Political Fable of Chinese Dragons and White Tigers
Poison Pen Letters
The Strange Tale of Agatha Christie
The House of Incest
Anais Nin and the Poisoned Sperm
red roses From Russia with Love
The Devil in London
Lotus Kama Sutra
A Spiritual Fable of Eunuchs and Orgasms
strelitzia Letters from Africa
Angels and Wheels over Zion
Beauty & the Beast
AIDS Metaphors and Other Things
mistletoe Loki's Children
A Scientific Fable of Runes and Ragnarök

Today's experts are all cynics, authority figures, Alice's King and Queen of Hearts. Or the Red and White chess Queens perhaps? No fun at all. I'm with the Mad Hatter. Give me the crack in the teacup that opens a lane to the land of the dead.

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